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What Is Keloid and How to Overcome It

Keloid is a scar that grows abnormally. Keloids grow outside the boundary of the injured skin, so that they look broad and like a bulge on the skin. There are many ways to treat keloids, but preventing keloids is certainly better than treating it. Scarring or scarring on the skin due to injury or after surgery is part of the normal process of wound healing. Over time, these scars will fade until they disappear. In keloids, these scars cause itching or pain and interfere with appearance, even to affect mental and emotional conditions. These things can ultimately reduce the quality of life of sufferers. How to recognize keloids Keloids can be recognized as protrusions of scar tissue in overgrown scars, exceeding the size of the existing wound. Keloids will grow slowly, ie within 3-12 months, even up to years. Keloids initially appear as a protrusion of scar tissue with pink, red, or purple. Over time, keloids can change color to darker. When touched, keloids will feel softer and
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Mother Difficult to withstand urination after childbirth, this is the solution

Can not resist urinating is one of the complaints that are often experienced after giving birth. This makes Mother so have to go back and forth to the bathroom. Besides consuming time, of course it is also troublesome huh, Mother? Therefore, Mother needs to immediately overcome them. After giving birth, Mother can experience difficulty resisting urination. Difficulty withholding urination, also known as postpartum incontence, will cause urine to come out when you laugh, sneeze, cough, run, or lift heavy objects. Cause of difficulty holding back urination after childbirth The cause of the difficulty holding back urination after childbirth is not known with certainty. Some claimed that this happened because of an injury during childbirth, which caused damage to the tissue around the urinary tract. But there are also those who argue that it is caused by changes in urinary tract muscles during pregnancy. Although the cause is uncertain, there are several conditions that are known t

Don't Let Coughs Bother! This Quick Way to Overcome It

Coughing is the body's natural response to expel and cleanse foreign substances or irritants from the throat or respiratory tract. In general, cough is divided into two types, namely cough with phlegm and no phlegm. Usually coughing only occurs occasionally and does not last long. Although some coughs can heal on their own, they should not be underestimated. Coughing needs to be addressed appropriately, so as not to interfere with activity and not develop into conditions that will affect overall body health, such as decreased appetite, weakness, headaches, insomnia, to wounds in the throat. Cough Causes and Risk Factors Coughing generally occurs due to interference with the respiratory tract, which is caused by a viral or bacterial infection. Inflammation and infections of the respiratory tract, such as pharyngitis, laryngitis, sinusitis, and tuberculosis, are often characterized by symptoms of cough. In addition, coughing can be caused by irritation of the respiratory tract